Quick Facts | Multiplication and Division Fluency

The Fun & Frustration-Free Way To Achieve Fluency In Multiplication & Division Facts

How and why it works.

How To Succeed In Basic Facts

Success happens when teaching/learning principles are applied.

Is your child:

  • Ready to start basic facts & wanting success right from the "get-go"? 
  • In the process but struggling to make facts stick?
  • Learned facts 'sort-of' but struggling with fluency?

Why Fluency Is Crucial

Teaching/Learning Basic Facts is Achievable, Even Easy.

Knowing basic multiplication & division facts on immediate recall is crucial for higher math skills.

Learn how third-graders (who were just starting) and fifth-graders (who were struggling) achieved success.

Why Quick Facts Is The Solution

5 Principles That Ensure Multiplication & Division Fluency.

Learn the 5 principles - what they are, how to use them in your instruction, and how they are incorporated into Quick Facts with Grandma Bee.

How Quick Facts Works

Multiplication & Division Fluency In 3 Fun & Easy Steps.

  • Save time & tears by learning multiplication & division together - at the same time.
  • Enjoy learning through an experience that's more like an adventure than a math lesson.
  • Take advantage of an easy-to-use system that works!

Quick Facts with Grandma Bee


Everything you need for fluency in basic multiplication & division facts.


  • 1 DVD containing 27 videos
  • 1 binder with 47 individual timed tests and their corresponding answer keys
  • 1 set of unique multiplication and division combo flash cards
  • 1 student folder for taking tests and for tracking progress
  • 1 wet-erase pen
  • 1 yellow highlighter

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