Quick Facts with Grandma Bee

About The Course.

This motivational and frustration-free system develops fluency in basic multiplication and division facts without the use of gimmicks.  The tried and true teaching/learning principles that are used have proven successful in classroom and homeschool settings.

What's Included?

What Will My Child Learn?

Your child will quickly learn the 3-step process for this program as you view the introductory videos together.  

Learners watch the instructional videos to understand the multiplication strategies.  They then practice the multiplication side of the included flashcards and assess for mastery.  Next, they  practice the related division facts and test for division mastery.  Finally, review of all previously learned facts follows new instruction.  

Watch a demonstration video of the simple 3-step process here.

Your Instructor ❤

Brenda Bailey taught elementary and special education students for over 30 years.  She recognizes that excellence in math rarely happens when students struggle with basic fact fluency.  

Over 15 years she developed, and perfected, a system ensuring mastery of basic multiplication and division facts.  Your learner(s) can benefit from her practical, easy-to-follow, and straight-forward instruction.

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Benefits of Quick Facts

What Other Parents & Teachers Say About Quick Facts

My son just turned twelve and is in the sixth grade, so he should have learned these facts by now. The fact that he has not done so causes him to work too slowly through more advanced math since he must stop and calculate basic facts he should know instantly. I feel confident that this program is really helping him master these facts once and for all! Grandma Bee has a pleasant voice and mannerisms, and she works in interesting facts about beekeeping at the start of each video. She does not make the content and presentation too babyish for older students, so that makes this program more tolerable for kids who are late to the game like my son.

His ADHD makes timed tests more difficult for him since he can become distracted easily, so I was surprised that he did not become frustrated with this program. I think because he is not expected to complete all the problems before the timer goes off, it takes away the pressure he would ordinarily feel in such circumstances. Plus, the program only takes a commitment of ten minutes a day, which is perfect for his short attention span. In fact, I was pleased with how much he really liked and praised the program! He said he felt it was planned out well, and it gave him the confidence he lacked previously. We will continue to use it until he has mastered all his basic math facts.

Even if you have tried and failed with other programs in the past just like we have, I would encourage you to give Grandma Bee’s system a try. She teaches the facts in a different order and with a different method than most traditional programs, and it just makes more sense.

Excerpt from product review by Kelly Burgess, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, February 2020
Read the full review here: https://www.theoldschoolhouse.com/product-reviews/?rid=7319

I have seven children. I have owned every different math-facts programs over the years, but nothing was a “one-size-fits-all” that I could rely on for upcoming children. We tried drilling, picture and standard flashcards, as well as computer-based programs. There were always tears, especially for one child in particular where, in 6th grade, we were still struggling with math facts.

The features that worked best for my struggling math-fact learner (he had no trouble in other subjects) was the consistency in the expectation of his lessons and the clarity of what was necessary for progress. The score booklet set up and correction method is fantastic (and quick). Later, when other children began using Grandma Bee, I appreciated that they could all help each other/work together, that we could reuse the materials and the bee “hook” added interest.

We’ve had 100% success with Grandma Bee with the children we’ve used it for. It is thorough, inexpensive, complete, precise and easy. Grandma Bee is a bit of a celebrity in our house. We love it.

I needed a good program to help my students regularly practice math facts in a way that was fun, effective, and not time consuming.

I love that students can self-check their work easily. This is a huge time saver! The program also allows each student to work at their own level.

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Short Videos To Help Determine If Quick Facts Is Right For Your Learner

Is Your Child...

…ready to start basic facts & wanting success right from the “get-go” ?

…in the process but struggling to make facts stick?

…learned facts “sort-of” but struggling with fluency?

How I KNOW These Principles Work

Nothing existed to help my students so I created my own solution.

This video tells the story of how this system evolved over 15 years of actual use in my classroom.

5 Principles Quick Facts Is Built On

Here are 5 of the principles used to ensure basic fact fluency in Quick Facts with Grandma Bee.

The Fun & Easy 3-Step Quick Facts System

Want to see those teaching/learning principles in action?

This easy-to-use system works!