My Child Already Knows Some Basic Facts. WHY Go Back To The Zero's Table?

The quick answer: Nothing fosters success like success!

Chances are...

If you're following these posts, your child is having some difficulty memorizing basic facts. Or perhaps she's just starting to memorize the facts.

In either case, starting with success builds momentum for learning basic facts. And the quickest and easiest basic facts are in the zero's table.

Multiplying by zero is so easy that some instructors are tempted to gloss right over the practice. They may think,

What You May Be Asking

Why spend time writing those products when they'll all be zero??

But that's the point!

Writing all those zeroes on a timed test or on a practice sheet lets the learner see how quickly answers can be written when they are known without calculation--the very result you want to achieve for every table.

The goal is to know every product (and quotient) on immediate recall or automatically or fluently or without calculation or however you want to say it!

Not only should the student feel success in writing the products for the zero's table, that success should be based on understanding: What does multiplication by zero really mean?

How can you be sure your learner will understand that concept? Here's a free lesson along with a downloadable sheet of practice problems for "Multiplication by Zero."

How Can That Success Be Applied To Division?

As soon as the learner experiences success in multiplication, build on that momentum by going right into division facts.

One caveat: the zero's table in division is different from all the other tables. Generally, the 'table ' is named for the divisor. With zero, however, it makes no sense to divide a number by zero.

Zero is never a one-digit divisor. For the zero's table, we divide into zero, so that any whole number can be the divisor, and zero will be a one-digit dividend. And, of course, the quotient will be zero.

Your child will think division is fun when he completes a whole page of 'divide into zero' examples in less than a minute with 100% accuracy! He'll be ready to move on to the one's table.

This 'can-do' attitude is a tremendous asset as you progress through the tables, both in multiplication and division. Instruction in strategies, practice, tests for mastery, and systematic reviews will assure that success happens at each step.

Easy To Apply Strategy

There's no academic merit to learning multiplication tables in order from 0 - 10.
They can be rearranged so that easy facts are learned first.
Tens are a lot easier to learn than threes. Build on that success. Changing the sequence makes learning easier--and therefore more pleasant.
Learning should be an exciting adventure.

Want A Sample To See How Easy This System Is? 

Our FREE QuickStart Pack includes videos that teach "Multiply by 0" and "Divide into Zero," plus downloadable zeroes flash cards , and assessment for each lesson.

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