How To Assure Your Child Will Be Fluent In Math Facts.

It's easy, and it can even be fun, to assure basic math facts mastery, even if the "t" word scares your learner right now.

Hopefully, when I use the "t" word, and specifically the "double t" word (timed test!), you will still hear me out.

Timed Tests Are Quick And Efficient

Testing does have its place in teaching and learning.

We cannot claim that teaching has occurred until learning happens.  And we can't be sure that learning has taken place unless we assess that learning in some way.

In the case of basic math facts mastery, this sequence works:

  1. 1
    Check at the end of each step
  2. 2
    Check both multiplication and division (read more about why)
  3. 3
    Check new facts and previously-learned facts together - review often

Total accuracy within a specified time (timed test!) will assure that each fact is mastered, known on immediate recall, fluent, without calculation.  Timed tests are easy and efficient.

See how testing for mastery ties into instruction and practice. Our free Quick Start Pack is a good example of how easily it’s done!

Don't Like Timed Tests???  Use Another Method!

For learners who freeze at written timed tests, there are other alternatives:


They can orally give the answers from the test sheet.
You will be able to tell if they know the answers automatically or if they're having to calculate mentally.


They can write the answers on the test sheet without being timed.
You will observe to make sure answers are fluent.


Flash cards can also be used.
You will need a complete set for each table.  Color-coded cards are helpful.

You also need to combine all the cards from previously-learned facts for each review.

Focused teaching, practice, and testing will assure that your learner has mastered basic math facts.

The scary part of testing disappears:

  • when strategies are taught,
  • when tables are rearranged so that the "easy" facts are learned first,
  • when plenty of focused practice is provided,
  • and when teaching and learning occur in a pleasant, positive environment.

Want A Sample To See How Easy This System Is? 

Our FREE QuickStart Pack includes videos that teach "Multiply by 0" and "Divide into Zero," plus downloadable zeroes flash cards , and assessment for each lesson.

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