About The Author And Instructor

Brenda Bailey (Grandma Bee) has had 28 years of teaching experience in both public and private classrooms across three states.

The Quick Facts with Grandma Bee Multiplication and Division program began as a reshuffling of the multiplication tables sequence and the use of flash cards. The program evolved through use in her classrooms over a period of about 15 years, with refinements to the sequence and the flashcards.

The only component of the program that could not be perfected in the classroom was the need for one-on-one instruction at the optimal time for each student.

After retirement Brenda began to consider how she could continue to share her expertise with students as well as provide a useful teaching tool to the homeschool and classroom teacher.

With that “Grandma Bee” was born, or shall we say hatched? With the addition of the instructional videos to the program, the timely one-on-one instruction that was previously elusive was achievable.

The materials that now come bundled with the instruction videos are improvements to the ones used successfully in her classroom and the classrooms of fellow teachers.

I love teaching and helping children learn.
It is my hope that you and your child benefit greatly from this site and its resources.