Learn Multiplication and Division Without All the Drudgery

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Learn Multiplication and Division Together, Naturally and Easy

Quick Facts with Grandma Bee is a multiplication and division program that helps children understand and master immediate recall of the basic facts through the 10’s table. Through a three step program children:

1Receive quality instruction via engaging videos

2Practice unique flashcards

3Take tests that assure mastery

Developed over the course of 15 years in a real classroom environment, Quick Facts with Grandma Bee is great for:

1Children, aged 8 and up



Learning multiplication and division doesn’t have to be drudgery anymore. With Quick Facts with Grandma Bee, children can be excited about learning math.

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Why It Works

Looking for a proven system to help children master basic multiplication and division? Look no further...

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How It Works

A three step program provides children with quality instruction, review and tests in that assure mastery at each step.

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See It Work

We know seeing is believing. Take a look at a sample of the kind of instruction children receive as part of this program.

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